At Meren, we believe that better cooking should be affordable for all.

Our mission is to help home cooks make better food by giving them access to quality kitchen tools. We believe that when we empower our cooks, we also empower those who eat their tasty meals—our loved ones at home.

Our mission was born when our founders, Agustin and Esteban Lau, moved to Seattle for their first jobs after college. They quickly found themselves with flimsy knives and other low-quality kitchen tools that made cooking after work feel like a chore. Wanting to improve their meal prep experience, they went shopping for new knives just to find that an upgrade would cost at least $300.

“That just didn’t make sense,” Agustin said. ”The existing options were not affordable for a normal person like me. I talked to co-workers, friends and family and that’s when I realized that there was this huge gap in the market filled with millions of underserved home cooks.”  

Soon after, Agustin and Esteban started Mëren with the mission of making better cooking affordable for everyone and not just the privileged few. 

Our Values

100% Transparency

We believe that you should know how our products are made, so that you can make the right choice for yourself. That’s why we share everything about the materials we use, our supply chain and even hiccups that may arise.

Doing The Right Thing

At Mëren we believe in always acting with highest integrity. We invest in ethical factories that provide supportive environments and fair compensation, and we take full accountability for the quality of our products.

Uncompromising Quality

We take our time to create products optimized for performance. We use quality materials and expertly craft our products with the mission of transforming cooking experiences worldwide.